Training Gear

The following gear is used, tested and approved by M.K. :


I like to use this one for ShadowBall Training, or for Sensitivity training. Either way it works well, its firm (unlike many other medicine balls) and that allows for applying proper pressure and control.

At first I was hesitant to buy them, since they are quite pricey, but i have not regretted a day since. They are durable, and most importantly – PRACTICAL. Saves me a ton of time (and frustration) not needing to switch weight plates in between different muscle group workouts.

I use these puppies for working on kicks. They attach pretty well and are durable. I tried several other, cheaper versions, and broke them on the first workout. I think these are 100lb resistance and you can add more later. I love elastic bands since they are easy to bring around when traveling.

I use these exact ones and they have been working well for me for doing push ups or punches and adding resistance. Easy to bring around and are practical. You can add more resistance by purchasing some extra bands.

I LOVE these gloves, never again am i buying the crappy ones. They are durable AND comfortable, well worth the investment. Love the look of it also, makes me wanna spar even more haha

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