Xin Wu Men Kung Fu


Master Longfei Yang is a globally-renown Traditional Authentic Chinese Kung Fu Master with over 30 years of experience in styles such as Wu Shu, Shaolin, San Xi Ren Shi Seven Star Mantis, Tai Chi Chuan and more.

He was featured in several documentaries, Black Belt and other magazines, TV appearances, directed movie action sequences, written several books and is a judge of International Chinese Martial Arts Competition that is held each year.

Over the last few generations, something precious was lost.  Martial arts had begun to deteriorate into hollow fighting forms.

In 2004, in conjunction with other Martial Arts Masters, Master Longfei Yang originated Xin Wu Men in Mongolia, China.  The purposes:  to help restore the light of the original philosophy that had permeated and enlivened the martial arts for centuries.  And to promote traditional martial arts internationally. Xin Wu Men is not a style, it is a name for the school. There are several traditional styles that Master Longfei teaches (San Xi Praying Mantis, Tai Chi Chuan, Ba Gua etc.)

You can read more about Master Longfei Yang and his art at He currently has schools in NY and NJ, USA if you are interested in attending his classes in person. He also offers Skype 1 on 1 lessons.

This is an ONGOING course, we are adding more lessons as we go. By staying subscribed to the course you will be updated and you will get access to the new lessons as we add them to the course.

Just like in real school you will gain access to 1 new lesson every day. This allows you time to practice what you have learned. You can find the breakdown of all the lessons currently offered in this course below.

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Course Curriculum

San Xi Praying Mantis
XWM: Basic Internal Exercises 00:03:00
XWM: Basic Internal Moving Exercises 00:04:00
XWM: Basic Looseness Exercising 00:07:00
XWM: Basic Mantis Hand Techniques 00:04:00
Xin Wu Men Kung Fu School Basics
XWM: Traditional Greeting 00:02:00
XWM: Basic Warm Up 00:06:00
XWM: What is Xin Wu Men? 00:05:00
XWM: Stretching Exercises 00:07:00
XWM: Kicking Exercises 00:05:00
XWM: Basic Stances 00:04:00
XWM: What is Martial Virtue? 00:10:00
XWM: Combination 1 00:02:00
XWM: Combination 2 00:02:00
XWM: Combination 3 00:03:00
XWM: History of Xin Wu Men School Styles 00:10:00
XWM: About Ba Fa Quan 00:10:00
XWM: Ba Fa Quan, Eight Methods Fist Form Explanation 00:03:00
XWM: Ba Fa Quan Eight Methods Fist Form Demonstration 00:06:00
XWM: Bian Gan Whipping Stick Form 00:03:00
Bonus Material
XWM: Mastering Kung Fu 00:24:00
XWM: Discovering China, Shanxi Praying Mantis Kung Fu 00:06:00
XWM: Discovering China, Spiritual Kung Fu 00:10:00
XWM: Divine Roots of Chinese Martial Arts 00:04:00
Questions From Students
XWM: What age should you start training at? 00:01:00
XWM: How Many Years Does It Take To Become a Master? 00:01:00
XWM: How Many Hours per Day Should I Practice? 00:01:00
XWM: What Style Of Kung Fu Is Best To Start With? 00:01:00
XWM: Do You Need To Be Flexible To Learn Kung Fu? 00:01:00
XWM: Is Kung Fu Practical? 00:01:00
XWM: STEREOTYPE – Kung Fu Masters Are Recluses Living In The Mountains 00:02:00
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