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Martynas Karys

Martynas Karys [ CEO/OWNER ]

This community has been a vision in my mind for over a decade. Only now, though, we have the resources and accessibility world-wide to make it happen.

As I was studying the only available style in my small hometown, i wished i had the opportunity to explore other areas. It seemed so foreign to even consider a possibility that this can be true, from the comfort of wherever I may reside.

Martial Arts Academy Online is that vision put forth. I hold a Masters degree in Business Administration and I have years of experience managing businesses, I hope that will aid me in bringing world-wide recognition for this community.

This is just a humble beginning of my vision, there are so many more amazing benefits to this community that will be introduced in the future that I can't wait to share with all of you.

Join me on this wonderful journey of Martial Arts!

Augustinas Malinauskas

Augustinas Malinauskas [ CTO ]

Augustinas is a graduate from Cambridge University, currently studying for his p.h.D. in Theoretical Physics at Oxford University.

He is currently helping this community with aiding in programming and business strategy concerns.

He has been and continues to be a very important part of this community and its further development.

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